Our fresh-from-the-garden flowers are noticeably different from what you will find at the grocery or florist. In-season, natural, and alive our locally-grown flowers truly capture a sense of the natural world brought indoors. Flowers are a great addition to our other crops as they encourage pollinators and beneficial insects and contribute to the overall aesthetic and health of our farm.


We began with a personal interest in the beauty of flowers and the joy inherent in sharing them with others. Somewhere along the lines we have become truly flower obsessed, growing well over a hundred different varieties.

At our farm everything is grown naturally with no pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or harmful chemicals. Because our flowers don’t ship long distances, they are way fresher and don’t require any nasty preservatives like those commonly used in the floral industry. We are also able to grow hard to ship, old-fashioned blooms that have fallen out of fashion in the commercial trade.


Our flowers are unique. We arrange our flowers in a loose and organic style, that seems to have emerged naturally, straight from the garden. All of this comes together to produce breathtaking arrangements that tell a story and have an impact.

We grow and design flowers for weddings and other special events. We also sell our flowers at farmers markets and through our CSA subscription program.