Work Opportunities


Each year we accept 4 interns for an eight month intensive learning program.  Interns are involved with all aspects of growing for a direct-market farm. The work includes crop planning, planting, weeding and harvesting as well as sales and marketing. There are additional opportunities to learn about floriculture, animal husbandry, greenhouse growing, food preservation and much more based on individual interest. Interns are a part of our family for the year, learning to work hard, cook good food, have fun, and all get along.  If you dream of having your own farm someday, this is the best real-life education you can possibly get. Interested in our internship program? Please contact us for an application or more information. Applicants should be hard working, enthusiastic, honest, like children and enjoy life.

Volunteer Opportunities

For most of the year, our living quarters are full with seasonal interns, but at times we can accommodate short-term volunteers, with a minimum stay of two weeks.  We are registered as a host farm with both WWOOF (worldwide workers on organic farms) and ATTRA. You can use one of these website to find out more information or contact us to see if we have space for you.


“I was an intern at Whipstone Farm during the 2010 season, the year the twins were born, which made it even more fun! Though I did not realize it at the time, my experience there was pivotal to my current job in more ways than I can say. Now, five years later, my partner Matt and I run our own 3 acre vegetable farm in Skull Valley, AZ, which I am sure would not be the case if not for working with Cory and Shanti. With no prior farming experience before working at Whipstone, a full season of planting, weeding, harvesting, washing, and selling at markets gave me a whole new skill set and career path. The work was hard, the days were long, it was hot and dusty, but the feeling of accomplishment of seeing well-tended fields at sunset is not found in any other work. And the food… home cooking with fresh produce is like eating at a expensive farm-to-table restaurant every night! A season-long internship at Whipstone will confirm for anyone whether or not they could hack it as a farmer. Cory and Shanti are endlessly encouraging and continue to be great mentors to Matt and I as we build our own farm. They share their passion of farming and food, are honest and open teachers, and truly want to see new farmers succeed.” – Sarah

work testimonials

“I throughly enjoyed my two seasons as an intern on Whipstone Farm. I learned so much about farming, family and life. The work is most definitely hard and the days long, but it is oh so rewarding. There is nothing like cooking and enjoying vegetables that you yourself started from a little seed or selling your vegetables to appreciating customers. Cory and Shanti have interns take part in every aspect of the farming: seeding, planting, weeding, harvesting, washing, and selling. They love when interns find a passion and take ownership of aspects on the farm. Whipstone also grows a wide variety, so you get experience with a range of vegetables and flowers. The opportunity to experience one farm for an entire season also allows interns to see the whole process, start to finish. I would highly recommend this program for anyone looking to entirely immerse themselves in farming for a season to see what it’s really like to run and operate your own farm! “-Stephani

“My first visit to Whipstone Farm was during a trip through the southwest United States in 2008. I always wanted to become a farmer and an internship for a couple of weeks on a farm seemed to be the right thing for me during my journey. I fell in love right away with the family, work and weather – you never get that much sunshine in Switzerland – and the spirit that was present on the farm. So I kept coming back to Whipstone Farm and worked there on and off during four seasons. There is hard work and long hours, especially through the summer months. Getting up early, harvesting in the morning when it’s cool, then planting, weeding, irrigating, bunching flowers, taking care of animals, fixing things, and going to the markets. But, it’s all worth it! You get rewarded with beautiful sunrises, wonderful feedback from customers at the markets, a great family life and you learn everything you always wanted to know about farming. Cory and Shanti are not only great teachers but also the nicest people to be around. Their three kinds are adorable and fun to play with.  My favorite crop was chiles and thanks to everything I learned at Whipstone Farm, I have run my own little chile farm in Switzerland for four years now.” – Mike

“I spent a summer living in one of Whipstone’s trailers as a intern with four other resident veggie pickers. I came away with lots of skills and memories. The upsides were learning about vegetable production, marketing, animal husbandry, and getting to be with the Rade family who are an amazing gaggle of lovable characters. The downside was probably the fact that I had another job in Prescott to make extra money. Trying to be a reliable farm hand by day and a bartender by night was so exhausting I started not being able to keep up with their full paced work days. My advice for anyone looking into interning would be to dedicate to being out at the farm fully and immerse yourself into their social world of soil and sun. Then you can pace yourself with the work load, rest appropriately, and enjoy the bounty of information and delicious food!” – Liz