Our CSA flower shares give you beautiful flowers cut fresh from the fields. Each week you get the best of what is being harvested from our fields; either a large, lush, mixed bouquet or several single variety bunches which you can put directly into a vase, or rearrange into smaller bunches to spread around your house.

prescott csa flower shares

Whether buying as a gift for a friend, for yourself, or for your business, there is a feeling of being ‘gifted’ each week with a lovely element of nature to brighten your space. Fragrant, unique and lasting blooms are usually picked within 24 ours of being delivered. We have many repeat customers who just adore their flowers shares. If you are not the type to buy flowers on a regular basis, but appreciate their beauty, the flower share may be the very thing that turns you into a flower connoisseur.

prescott csa flower shares

You can use your flowers, if you are willing to part with them, as the perfect gift on any given week – for birthdays, sympathy, thank you’s, or just because. We have three flower share options to choose from.

Summer Flower Shares showcase the wide variety of flowers we grow at the farm.  Each week is generally a beautiful mixed bouquet, featuring sunflowers, zinnias, lilies, dahlias and so much more.  Many of the flowers are fragrant (a few are even edible) and some of the elements can be dried and used as everlasting bouquets. This share runs from mid-May to early September and flowers are available for pick up in Prescott at our vegetable CSA distribution.

Fall Dahlia Shares celebrate dahlia season. We grow over 50 varieties of dahlias and they come on abundantly in the fall in all shapes, colors and sized. This share option gives you 6 weeks of dahlias to enjoy – a great end cap to an entire season of wonderful flowers.