From Molly Beverly

3 Tablespoons good quality olive oil
6 fat cloves garlic, coarsely chopped
3 pounds fresh, vine ripe tomatoes, coarsely chopped
black pepper, freshly ground
kosher salt to taste
Several basil leaves, finely cut

In a large skillet heat oil over medium heat. Add garlic and reduce heat. Gently simmer until lightly golden. (WATCH IT!) Add tomatoes, stir and turn fire to high.

Add salt and pepper and stir regularly, until tomatoes are well reduced and liquids are slightly thickened. (You are reducing the liquid, be careful not to burn.

When tomatoes start sticking, you are done.) Add basil. Stir. Taste. Adjust seasoning.

I served these tonight over cheddar mashed garden potatoes. Slice potatoes and boil in plenty of salted water until tender. Drain. Add a generous portion of grated cheese. Mash and allow cheese to melt.

Taste and add salt if necessary.