This is not a recipe, per se, but a simple concept. Once you learn the concept, you’ll never need a “recipe” again and can easily adapt the ingredients for your own taste profile and the quantities for a single serving to a crowd.

Use a garlic press or a fork to mash a garlic clove in a salad bowl. If you prefer a hint of garlic, rub the clove along the bowl’s sides and then discard it. Add some salt, then a dollop of a favorite mustard. Rub these together with the fork. Pour in a double splash of vinegar, your choice, but the less harsh the vinegar, the better the dressing.

With the fork, whisk the vinegar into the mustard-salt mixture. Add a splash of good olive oil and whisk again. The traditional proportion of oil:vinegar is 3:1. Add some freshly ground pepper.

Taste the dressing, then adjust the ingredients to mirror your own taste profile. If you wanted a simple oil and vinegar dressing, you’re done!