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We are a family farm located in Paulden, Arizona, about 30 miles north of Prescott.  We started selling produce door-to-door in 1995 when our large garden produced more food than our family could eat.  We have grown every year since then and now have 15 acres in production, where we grow over 100 varieties of vegetables and flowers year round.  Our fabulous crew of farmers allows us to plant and manage our wide array of crops.   You can find our produce and flowers at farmers markets, in our CSA boxes, at our honor-system farm stand and throughout Arizona at natural food stores, restaurants and florists.


We farm with our heart and health in mind.  We do not use any synthetic fertilizer or chemical pesticides.  We aim to create a farm ecosystem where the soil and biological communities are constantly improving.  To this achieve this goal, we employ cover cropping, crop rotation, beneficial insects, crop diversity and many other systems.  We are constantly learning how to farm better in this challenging climate.   We enjoy growing food for our community not only as a means of providing healthy sustenance, but also as a way to bring people together.  We hope that by buying directly from the farmers who grow your food and flowers you will feel closer to the process and appreciate what seasonality and regionality really mean in the food system.  If you would like to learn more about our farm, sign up for our newsletter in the box below.  We send weekly updates on all the goings on at the farm with tons of beautiful photos.  


We are a working farm and are not open to the public.   Anyone is welcome to come to our self serve farm store which is at the entrance to our farm.  But we do not allow people to walk around the farm due to issues of safety and liability and we do not currently offer farm tours.  Thanks for respecting our home and workplace.   We hope to see you at a farmers market or the farm stand someday soon.


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